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Water fasting is a beautiful thing as it allows the body to rest from digestion in order to help repair and rebuild the body.  Most people fear they cannot fast, but with a guide on how to ease in and out of a fast, a protocol on how to fast with foods to eat to break a fast, and support along the way makes water fasting more of an experience that you will enjoy.  Keep in mind this is not a diet. This is a 7 day guide to get you started on a path towards detoxing the body, optimizing nutrition, and repairing healthy functions to your organs. The recipes are created to be filled with nutrients that are known to be alkalizing, nourish the body, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation. My goal is to help you focus on a new mindset around your body as a whole. This is not just focusing on your food, but also your mood, your habits, your body, and the environment around you along with your relationship with food. You can also change how your body becomes resistant to things like disease, stress, and toxins, and fasting offers the benefits of resetting the gut, stimulating growth hormone and stem cells, as well as repairing DNA. Be open to the experience and understand the body naturally wants to heal, it's our own habits and food choices that prevents that from happening. I want to provide you the guidance, support, motivation, and tools to make your journey successful and fun! So enjoy the process and know that this is a time to focus on yourself and invest in your most important asset, your health!

Water Fast

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