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Optimize your Diet to Live your BEST life!

Betsy Opyt

A Note from Betsy

If you don’t take time out of your lifestyle to focus on health, you sooner or later will have to make time for illness. Our health is our best and most important asset and better living starts with eating right. As a Registered Dietitian (RD), Integrative & Functional Nutrition Specialist, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDCES), personal trainer, and yoga instructor, my goal is to help you reach your optimal health through healthy lifestyle changes.  A “health coach” can help guide you towards these changes by providing you with the expertise and knowledge to organize key areas of your life to facilitate improved health.  I like to get to the root of the health issue and help individuals live optimally, feel their best, and improve the quality of their life.

I take an all around approach to wellness incorporating nutrition, fitness, motivation, and mindfulness to help individuals stay on track and reach their potential health. Think of me as not only your nutrition and fitness expert, but your wellness coach, cheering you on from the sideline until you reach your health goals. Having a dietitian and personal trainer at your fingertips will allow you a stress free way of handling your health, and professional guidance on implementing and achieving lifestyle changes.

Healthy Regards,


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