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DNA testing

Let your Body tell it's unique story

Nutrigenomic testing

A simple cheek swab can result into a deeper insight into how to live longer, healthier, and better.  This cutting edge analysis will group your genes into 25 metabolic pathways and 5 functional categories.  The final blueprint uses these pathways to easily explain your body's health story.  I will work through this blueprint with you to examine what daily health choices you can make to ensure lifelong health through proper nutrition.  You are unique and your body is complex and uncovering what works and doesn't work for you will simplify what you can do to work towards your goals.

DNA testing

Your unique genetic components will determine the way your body responds to food, exercise, stress and toxins.  I can translate the codes into a practical plan of actionable, personalized recommendations or how to positively impact your health.  You will receive:

-Diet recommendations

-Lifestyle interventions

-Possible supplements or behavior and food suggestions

Let me tell you your gene story so you can live your life the way YOUR body was designed to live.

*The consultation for your results is an additional fee of $150.  The cost of the DNA test is for the test only.

DNA testing
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