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Copy of Copy of Betsy Opyt Business Card

Nutrition has always been my mission and I have been an advocate for healthy eating and lifestyle habits since I was a teen.  I have been an athlete, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a mom... but I am also a human being.  I understand that it is hard to balance everything, including your health and making time can be a struggle.  I have lived that life of craziness first hand and personally experienced the struggle of holding it all together.  Finding the balance is not impossible it just takes tools and skills to learn how to make all of the puzzle pieces fit.  I realize that understanding your own personal health can be a bit difficult and not everyone will have the same journey.  That is why it can be helpful to have a coach help you plan the way and give you the tools and teach you how to use them.  You can master your mind, optimize your health, and improve your way of life by taking the time to learn how.  Let me be your guide and help you improve your wellbeing.

Your Focus Becomes Your Reality
You Create your history,
you Plan your Future!

Eat your Heart Out

We all know that eating is a necessity, but why not make it nutritious and delicious!  Health doesn't need to be a chore or a bore.  My passion is to make food fun, flavorful, and functional! So eat your heart out, love every bite, and get healthy by doing just that!

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